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Metabolic Cooking Review: Fat Burnning Meal Plans & More!

metabolic cooking reviewMetabolic cooking is yet another foray into the world of weight loss and fat burning. But with so many similar programs and books out there, does metabolic cooking offer anything unique to justify it’s purchase? Other metabolic cooking reviews have been quick to praise the book for it’s refreshing approach to recipe and meal creation, but to say it’s revolutionary is a bit of a stretch.

That’s not to say that the program isn’t any good, because it is. Personally, I enjoyed cooking with the book and found a number of recipes I hadn’t tried before to be fun and enjoyable. The program should also be commended for it’s breadth of categories. Dinner, smoothies, snacks, vegetarian – it covers them all and in great detail, too.

Overall, I found the value of the cookbook and recipes to be excellent. Compared to standard cookbooks, you dodge the premium applied by bookshops, plus you get the added benefit of being able to just prop-up your iPad in the kitchen and read as you go. What really sold me on the book though was the bonus material.

I’ve visited the supermarket with my Metabolic Cooking ‘cheat-sheet’ in-hand more times than I can count. It’s a brilliant time-saver and really takes the fuss out of shopping and preparing healthy meals. In fact, I was able to cut down my food prep time by around ~20 minutes!

The whole program is family-friendly, so if you’re looking for something to take the stress away from meal-times, give Metabolic Cooking a go, you won’t regret it.

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